The Importance of Cancer Research

It’s an exciting time for cancer research. Now, more than ever, supporting research is imperative. Medical science moves us closer towards a cure every day. Advancement in research has helped doctors all around the world to understand what cancer is and the best way to treat it.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It can impact the lives of anyone, regardless of age, nationality, gender, race, and beliefs. It is a devastating problem and only human beings can solve it. ​Today, because of the generosity, compassion and commitment of financial supporters, people live longer with cancer. Many cases go into remission and new discoveries are made all of the time.

There is hope. People across the globe are working together to cure this disease. Anyone can join in the fight against cancer with a donation of any size. To donate today, you can click here. To find out about our golf outings and how you can get involved, feel free to call: 219-477-9826 or email info@nancyvalenkamphcancerfoundation.com

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