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The Courage of Nancy

Nancy Valenkamph was a beacon of courage. At the end of her life, her cell count was so low, the doctors didn’t want her to brush her teeth because they feared shed bleed to death. Regardless, she found the strength to walk the survivor lap at Relay for Life. She marched with pride and dignity, knowing she was a piece in the puzzle that will one day cure cancer. This display of courage energized her husband, Bert, to continue the fight against cancer.

Before her journey with cancer, Nancy had a full life. Cancer was only a tiny part of her 60 years on this earth. Nancy was a mom, wife, teacher, coach, daughter, sister, and friend. Nancy was many things to many people and everyone adored her. She was known for her caring, vibrant spirit. If you ever needed anything, you could count on Nancy. She was the kind of person who went out of her way to help out.

Nancy dedicated her life to teachers and students as a teacher’s aide. She loved health and fitness and was extremely athletic. In fact, she is in St. Joseph hall of fame for Volleyball and Basketball. Nancy shared her passion for sports with her students as a coach.

Nancy loved her family deeply. She adored her husband Bert and was a proud mother of 2 children, Rebekah and Scott. She enjoyed taking trips with them to Disney, or camping. She was also extremely close with her siblings, Rhonda and Randy, and her parents, Frank and Katherine.

Nancy’s world was turned upside down after her devastating diagnosed in 2007. But she didn’t give up. Nancy was determined to make a difference in the fight against cancer. She was involved in Relay for Life and had a large team of co-workers, family, and friends that walked beside her. For Nancy, it meant the world to make a difference and to feel that support from her loved ones. Nancy never backed down. Her husband Bert said that when she took the survivor’s lap at Relay for Life, it was the biggest act of courage he has ever seen.

In 2010 Nancy lost her battle to neuroendocrine carcinoma. Bert promised Nancy that he’d continue the fight in her honor. Nancy Valenkamph Cancer Foundation raises funds for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life program. Bert hopes to see the cure for the millions of families affected by cancer. He never wants another individual to experience that much pain and for any family to feel that heartache.

Nancy Valenkamph Cancer Foundation is close to raising a million dollars for cancer research! Bert is excited to reach that milestone in Nancy’s honor. He knows she would be so proud of everyone who contributes. Nancy was always giving, let’s give to cancer research in her honor. If you have anything to spare, even a small amount, consider giving to Nancy Valenkamph Cancer Foundation.



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