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The Biggest Cancer Research Breakthroughs of 2019

Every donation we receive matters. Each gift, no matter the size, give hope to individuals fighting for their lives. Donations matter and it shows. In 2019, we observed several breakthroughs in cancer detection and treatment. According to

  • The Auris Monarch robotic platform is a tool that fights lung cancer
  • Precision medicine involving cancer’s genetic makeup, is shaping how cancer patients receive care
  • Immunotherapy has advanced cancer treatment and has changed cancer management
  • Liquid biopsy is an innovation that helps predict and monitor response to therapy and tumor recurrence
  • Next-generation sequencingdetects circulating tumor DNA as a minimally invasive method that identifies potential therapeutic targets

Scientists around the world are constantly working to find breakthroughs. With your support, these medical advances will hopefully one day eliminate cancer. At the Nancy Valenkamph Cancer Foundation, we believe that the fight against cancer is better together. To become a part of the solution, call: 219-477-9826 or email:

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