Giving for Hope

To have hope is to believe a desired outcome will come to fruition…even when the outlook is grim. Hope is important with cancer. Without hope, it is hard to move forward with the fight.

Hope can lift a cloud of darkness and make a tough situation bearable.

How can you spread hope to cancer patients and their families? When cancer patients see that members of the community care, it inspires hope. As a community, we can show them that they aren’t alone and we are here to help. Join in the efforts of local cancer foundations, like the Nancy Valenkamph Foundation. When you give the gift of your time, talent, and/or treasure, you are an agent of hope. Don’t underestimate the power of giving of yourself. Even the smallest gesture can have a big impact. Make a decision today to give for hope.

  • Hope kills fear.
  • Hope brings peace.
  • Hope inspires courage.
  • Hope provides stamina.
  • Hope improves confidence.
  • Hope motivates.
  • Hope promotes positivity.

When you or someone you love has cancer, it’s easy to be overcome with fear. At Nancy Valenkamph Foundation, we understand how important it is to have hope. We have raised thousands of dollars to find a cure for cancer and need your support. To donate today, you can click here. To find out about our golf outings and how you can get involved, feel free to call: 219-477-9826 or email

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