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Different Kinds of Cancer Neuroendocrine Carcinoma: Part 1 of Series

Welcome to Nancy Valenkamph Foundation’s Different Kinds of Cancer series. This is a short series where we talk about an array of cancers. The first on the list is Neuroendocrine Carcinoma, which was Nancy’s diagnosis. We hope to promote education and awareness in the fight against cancer through our blogs. To begin, it is important to define […]

Should I Blog About My Cancer?

Using the written word to purge your thoughts feels cathartic. That is why many enjoy journaling. Keeping a journal is a great way to brainstorm, get your feelings off of your chest, and keep record of your day. Blogging is a similar concept with one major difference — it gives your family and friends a […]

COVID-19, Cancer Patients, and Caregivers

Wearing masks, staying home, and health concerns…the entire world is upside down. However, as a cancer patient, survivor, caretaker, or loved one, health and safety are always concerning. In the wake of the worldwide pandemic and as we reopen society, many affected by cancer are anxious. As you may know, cancer patients are in the […]

The Importance of Cancer Research

It’s an exciting time for cancer research. Now, more than ever, supporting research is imperative. Medical science moves us closer towards a cure every day. Advancement in research has helped doctors all around the world to understand what cancer is and the best way to treat it. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It can impact the lives of […]

Giving for Hope

To have hope is to believe a desired outcome will come to fruition…even when the outlook is grim. Hope is important with cancer. Without hope, it is hard to move forward with the fight. Hope can lift a cloud of darkness and make a tough situation bearable. How can you spread hope to cancer patients […]

Cancer Treatments

The goal of any cancer treatment is to cure the person of cancer, or at least stop its progression. Numerous types of cancer treatments exist. The doctors in charge of a patient’s treatment will weigh many factors and treat each case individually. Factors that will define the course of treatment are stage of cancer, general […]

Different Kinds of Cancer Lung Cancer: Part 2 of Series

Welcome to the Nancy Valenkamph Foundation’s Different Kinds of Cancer series. This is a short blog series where we talk about an array of cancers. The first on the list was Nancy’s diagnosis: Neuroendocrine Carcinoma. If you didn’t catch our first blog, CLICK HERE to be all caught up. We hope to promote education and awareness in the fight […]

What is Cancer? 10 Facts

Someone you know has battled cancer. Maybe you are fighting it yourself. This terrible disease is wide-spread and affects millions of families all over the world. But what exactly is cancer? ‘Cancer’ is the Latin word for ‘crab’. When doctors first discovered the disease, they noted that the abnormal cells resemble a crab and that […]
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The Courage of Nancy

Nancy Valenkamph was a beacon of courage. At the end of her life, her cell count was so low, the doctors didn’t want her to brush her teeth because they feared shed bleed to death. Regardless, she found the strength to walk the survivor lap at Relay for Life. She marched with pride and dignity, […]

Fighting Cancer: Every Little Bit Helps

Times are hard. Many adults struggle to put food on the table and get 8 solid hours of sleep. You may think you aren’t in the position to donate. But what if every American dug in their couch and found a dollar in change to donate to fighting cancer? We would have over 300 million […]

Survival Guide: How to Support a Friend with Cancer

In a serious tone, a friend says that they need to talk. You gaze into their solemn eyes, bracing yourself for what’s next. They tell you that they have cancer. What do you say? What do you do? If you haven’t been in this exact scenario, chances are you will face it one day. “In […]
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The Biggest Cancer Research Breakthroughs of 2019

Every donation we receive matters. Each gift, no matter the size, give hope to individuals fighting for their lives. Donations matter and it shows. In 2019, we observed several breakthroughs in cancer detection and treatment. According to The Auris Monarch robotic platform is a tool that fights lung cancer Precision medicine involving cancer’s genetic makeup, is […]

Benefits Of Support Groups -You Are Not Alone

And You Don’t Have to Be A diagnosis of cancer is a scary thing. Whether you or someone you love has been diagnosed with the disease, it’s a time filled with uncertainty, fear and lots of questions. The good news is that cancer is more treatable now than ever before. The advancement of science, medicine […]
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Ken Gerling Thanks Wiers Chevrolet

A big thank you to Wiers Chevrolet for providing the 2017 Chevy Malibu for the 7th Annual Nancy Valenkamph Memorial Outing for the American Cancer Society Golf Fundraiser held on May 18,2017 at Sandy Pines Golf Course . I’ve never won anything like this before but when I hit a solid 8 iron up against […]


PUROLITE HELPS SUPPORT THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY RELAY FOR LIFE PRGORAMPUROLITE SUPPORTS THE 7TH ANNUAL NANCY VALENKAMPH MEMORIAL GOLF OUTING On a sunny afternoon at Demotte Indiana’s Sandy Pines Golf Course on May 18,2017, Purolite’s Oliver Baumann and Frank Burinsky joined a host of Power Industry Professionals as well as friends and other industry associates […]
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